Caring for Maple Block

Maple Wood Block Care and Maintenance

  • Apply an even coat of food grade oil a minimum of once a month to all surfaces of your butcher block using a cloth or disposable towel. Allow the oil to fully penetrate overnight and wipe off any excess oil. Apply oil as necessary.
  • DO NOT allow liquids of any type to stand on the butcher block for long periods of time. DO NOT let fresh, wet meats lay on the maple wood block longer than necessary. Salt (brine), water and blood contain chemicals which soak into the wood, causing the butcher block to expand which will affect the strength of the glued joints.
  • Use a stainless steel scraper as necessary in order to keep the maple block surface clean. Scraping will remove 75% of all liquids. DO NOT use steel pads or brushes on the surface.
  • DO NOT cut fish or poultry unless you have completely followed step # 1. In addition, always clean the maple block surface thoroughly after cutting fish or poultry.
  • Never cut continuously in one area. Distribute your cutting over the entire surface area of the maple block. Never use a razor-sharp cutting instrument. This will chip or splinter the wood. Cutting instruments with blunt edges work best.
  • Sanitize using mild dish soap and water. Dry thoroughly.


By following these instructions you should enjoy many years of service from your new Maple Block Table.