Aero's Fabricated Sink Bowl VS The Deep Drawn "Competition"

Fabricated Construction VS Deep Drawn Construction
True Gauge Integrity

True gauge integrity exists throughout fabricated units since all components are 16 gauge to start and no metal is stretched in fabrication.


VS Poor Gauge Integrity

The essence of the deep drawing process is to stretch a flat sheet under pressure in order to make it conform to the shape of the die, (in this case a bowl). A 16 gauge sheet will therefore stretch in some areas to as thin as 19 gauge.


Flexible Sizes

Since fabricated units are welded together using separate components, they may be made of any size or any depth as required.


VS Inflexible Sizes

A different die is required for each size bowl. This allows for a very limited selection, (2-3 sizes). The deep drawing process by its nature also limits bowl depth.


No Special Welding Requirements

A fabricated unit is made by welding the bowl directly to the drainboard without an intermediate flange, which acts as a recessed water and dirt catching area.


VS Special Welding Requirements

In order to weld a drawn bowl into a drainboard an unsanitary flange is required. In addition to being unsanitary it requires additional unusable space.


Good Leg Placement

The legs are placed where the weight is, directly under the sink for greatest stability and minimum sway.


VS Poor Leg Placement

The legs may be placed at the end of the drainboards since the bowl is too thin and too weak to properly support the sink's weight.


Minimum Space Requirement

All of the space allocated for usable sink and drainboard is utilized since no additional space is needed for welding flanges or gusset mounting. Placement of legs under sinks also allows for additional unobstructed storage area under the drainboards.


VS Maximum Space Requirement

The necessity of a welded flange and space for mounting gussets under single drainboard units takes up valuable usable space. The placement of legs at the ends of drainboards obstructs otherwise usable storage space.