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What Our Business Partners Have To Say:


Aero Manufacturing is putting a custom twist to the fabrication of restaurant and food service elements, according to Bruce Marino.


“They have been able to recreate the everyday type of fab and the catalog type and they give it a little bit more flair. Then they take that base of knowledge and create a truly fresh take on custom fabrication,” Marino said. “It’s the details of the millwork, the steel, the protective guards, all of those items going in together, that used to keep fabricators on the job for weeks instead of days,” Marino pointed out. “Aero understands how to get that done. With Aero, it’s polished. It fits better. If you need it a couple of inches shorter than what a standard is, they can do that. That’s the beauty of it.”


Bruce Marino

General Manager, Singer Equipment



“We needed someone who had coverage, on a global basis.” Her client, YUM! Brands, needed to partner with a company that could handle custom fabrication and found it with Aero Manufacturing.


“When it comes to things like fit and finish, it was absolutely imperative that everything be done exactly the way we wanted it - Aero understands those needs.” Aero is an exceptional partner. When I was at YUM!, they were consistently our preferred vendor, meaning, they were listed on the plans as a result of that commitment.


Brenda Lloyd

BLloyd FS Consulting, LLC



“We typically do not allow alternates for custom fabrication because that’s the pretty piece. That’s the show piece and there are very few guys that can do it and do it well.” Aero’s quality has consistently landed the Clifton, NJ firm on Farrell’s bid list. “You need to understand that there are essentially two different custom fabrications marketplaces,” the well respected consultant noted. “There’s the public bid side of business with K-12 schools that is typically just stainless steel. Then there’s the far more complex and intricate custom fab segment that are typically corporate and healthcare dining. Their [Aero’s] level of technology makes it a seamless process, that really showcased them as a company that can do this, at this level.”


“It is very unusual to find a fabricator that can succeed in both and Wayne and his team at Aero have managed to do so,” Farrell said


Brett Farrell, FCSI

Raymond and Raymond Associates (RRA)